Dentistry for Children

We have been treating children and familes at Ailesbury Dental Practice for over 40 years. Parents and their children are promoted to attend together. We are happy to provide up-to-date advice on good oral hygiene, diet and teeth development to all parents, in order to prevent dental problems.  Early detection and treatment of childhood decay is important for the health of children’s developing adult teeth.

Fissure Sealants

These are protective varnishes placed on the biting surface of children’s growing molar teeth at age 6-7 years. Their purpose is to protect the growing teeth from decay, as the child grows  into adulthood.


Children playing  contact sports are prone to teeth being knocked. To prevent severe damage to growing teeth, we recommend that children have a safety sportsguard. These are custom made with the child’s name and come in a selection of colours.

Accidents to teeth whilst playing

If your child has an accident and knocks his / her  teeth – DON’T HESITATE! Phone our practice for immediate advice and bring your child into us for immediate assistance and care.