Dental Bonding (Tooth Bonding)

Where a tooth has sustained a knock or fracture, it can be simply restored without local anaesthetic. Bonding involves replacement of lost tooth tissue using composite layered techniques. The results are excellent and instant. The tooth is restored to its original shape, colour and strength. For more information or a FREE consult, contact us at Ailesbury Dental Practice (01) 2194563.

What results can I expect?

Case 1

 dental_bonding_case_1_before  dental_bonding_case_1_after
Before After

This patient attended requesting a course of teeth whitening and a simple non invasive way of closing the gap between her teeth. Tooth bonding worked very well in this case.
This treatment took approximately 45 minutes duration.

Case 2

 dental_bonding_case_2_before  dental_bonding_case_2_after
Before After

This young child knocked her tooth whilst playing. Mum got her in to us immediately and we were able to bond the tooth cosmetically. Mum and child are happy.