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Teeth Alignment – Six Month Smiles – Short Term Orthodontics

New-Six-Month-SmilesHave you thought of straightening and whitening your teeth ? Don’t like the idea of metal braces ?

In certain clinical cases it is possible to provide straight white teeth using cosmetic clear braces over an average time period of six months.

Perhaps it’s suitable for you ! why not phone us for a FREE consult.

We use Six Month Smiles technique here at Ailesbury Dental Practice, this involves a combination of cosmetic clear braces, bonding and whitening to achieve a beautiful smile correction. This technique does not involve comprehensive orthodontics and where necessary patients can be referred for that procedure.

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Oral Hygiene / Care and Maintenance
Our Dental Hygienists provide six monthly scalings, comprehensive advice and instruction in good oral hygiene to all our patients.

Gum Problems
Do your gums bleed easily? Do you suffer from Bad Breath / Bad Taste? Are your gums sore – if so why not book in with the Dental Hygienist and get immediate treatment.

Emergency Pain Relief
Our dentists are on hand to help with painful teeth problems or traumatic injuries.

Fissure Sealing and Preventive Dentistry for Kids
Where necessary protective ‘dental sealants’ can be applied to prevent decay in kids’ teeth. Prevention and dietary advice are provided to all families attending with us. Fillings / Restorations – (White / Reinforced Fillings)

A full range of restorative materials are used to restore patient’s teeth cosmetically.

Teeth Whitening
Both Zoom ‘Power’ Whitening and Tray ‘Take-Home’ Whitening are provided at the practice. Why not book in for a free 20 minute teeth whitening consultation! This is a simple, non-invasive, and safe cosmetic treatment for heavily stained and previously unrestored front teeth.

Cosmetic Crowns / Bridges / Veneers
Where teeth need to be reinforced, replaced or cosmetically enhanced, we can provide a full range of restorative options.

Dental Implants
Dental implants can be used to replace lost or very heavily broken down teeth. We provide this service to those patients seeking replacement for one or two such teeth. Phone for a free information leaflet to be sent to you.

Root Canal Therapy
Where teeth are very broken down and possibly causing pain, these teeth can often be saved using gentle root canal therapy.

Minor Oral Surgery
Stress free tooth removal can be carried out where indicated, to facilitate, orthodontics, implant therapy, infection or pain relief. Sedation can be provided where requested and medically possible.

Sportsguards / Nightguards / Snoring Devices
Kids and young adults involved in contact sports and those patients who clench whilst asleep, are often advised to wear a protective guard. These can be provided where indicated.

Denture Replacement / Chrome Appliances
Improve the comfort, fit, chewing ability and appearance of older-type appliances.