Dental Implants

Where and if a tooth is very broken down and beyond saving or indeed missing already, a strong cosmetic  replacement in the form of an implant reinforced crown can be inserted to replace the original. An implant is a titanium structure placed in bone where possible, and used to retain a custom made cosmetic crown. The implant is placed in bone and left for 3-4 months, before placement of the reinforced crown. For more information or a FREE consult, contact us at Ailesbury Dental Practice (01) 2194563.

Case 1

 dental_implant_case1_before  dental_implant_case1_after
Before After

This gentleman presented at our practice having knocked out his upper front tooth.  He had an implant placed in the same location and a custom made reinforced porcelain crown attached. The result is cosmetically good and the patient is very happy.

Case 2

 dental_implant_case_2_before  dental_implant_case_2_after
Before After

These photos show the lower teeth of a gentleman who attended with a very broken down back molar tooth. This tooth required removal and replacement with an implant retained reinforced crown. The above photos shows the process of implant healing and subsequent restoration. This new implant restoration is very strong and the patient is very happy.

This treatment took approximately 5-6 months and involved three sessions of 1 hours duration.