Root Canal Therapy

This is needed when the pulp or nerve area of the tooth is inflamed, painful or infected. This can be caused by tooth decay, tooth weakness, leakage, fractures, or trauma. If not root treated the tooth can develop an abcess.  A successful root canal treatment can be used to save badly broken down teeth, that would normally have a very poor prognosis.

This procedure takes approximately one and a half hours per tooth. We apply a rubber coating around the tooth to make the procedure comfortable for the patient. The canals (middle section) of the tooth root are gently cleaned under local anaesthetic.  These canals are then filled with a combination of rubber filling and sealant material. After the procedure, the tooth can still decay and needs the same care as the rest of the other teeth. In a lot of cases the tooth may require further reinforcement using a crown restoration.  The objective of root treatment is to get the tooth and the patient pain free.

Root_Canal_Therapy Root_Canal_Therapy2
Stages of Root Canal Therapy (as explained above) Root Therapy is carried out below the gum line