Fillings (Dental Restorations)

Dental restorations are placed on teeth to restore lost tooth structure due to decay, breakage or fracture. Sometimes white filling material is used to cosmetically enhance or replace old dark restorations in teeth. Tooth coloured filling material is bonded to tooth structure to give excellent aesthetic results. The procedure is generally carried out under local anaesthetic and takes approximately 45 mins per restoration.

Case 1

 Dental_restorations_case_1_before  Dental_restorations_case_1_after
Before After

This patient was eager to have this old dark restoration replaced with a more cosmetic one. The finished result blends in better with her smile – she was a lot happier.

Case 2

 Dental_restorations_case_2_before  Dental_restorations_case_2_after
Before After

This patient was eager to have a number of old dark restorations cosmetically improved. He was very happy with the result.